Feminist activist, storyteller, poet and advertising professional Saumya Baijal unpacks how we use language in this program series.

Our everyday language is deeply sexist. In both use of general words, and the sentences we often say that stem from deep patriarchal though. For eg. ‘Shaadi ho nahin rahi’ takes away the agency of choice from the woman the conversation is being had about vs ‘Shaadi kar nahin rahi’ that reaffirms that agency. Similarly, when a woman/girl does something courageous she is looked at as the son of the home, with sentences like ‘yeh toh mera beta hai’, which automatically insinuate that only men can be courageous. So we did an 8 episode series, questioning words, language that we use and listen to everyday. In our own families and in popular culture.

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It was first published on March 30, 2020 . Filed under: #programs, #gender

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