Entrepreneurship is a part of our larger focus on livelihood, which is also a key focus area of our parent NGO The Restoring Force.

Our program series Apna Nazariya Apna Kaam started as an in-depth interview with the owners of a range of small businesses, most with an initial investment of under Rupees five thousand. Businesses range from a roadside snacks kiosk, too entrepreneurs ranging from a snacks kiosk owner to a cotton mattress making unit to a fruit juice stand.

In 2011, we partnered with Rudset Institute Gurgaon to bring their entrepreneurship training programs on radio as well as advice shows on how to manage various aspects of running a small business, from managing bank loans, to inventories to marketing and promotion to growing the business.

Rudset Institute has since taken on air their various absolutely free residential training programs on stitching and tailoring, beautician work, mobile repairing, draftsmanship, AC repairing and many more.

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