Your platform of choice to reach our over-5 lakh listeners who tune in day and night to a radio that they feel is truly theirs.

Our reach:

Reach over 5 lakh listeners in Gurgaon. An added bonus is that while you pay for our FM audience, you get our significant online audience as well. At last count we had over 42,000 online listeners in addition to our 5 lakh listeners via FM.

No clutter, only top notch content
Unlike most commercial FMs, on Gurgaon Ki Awaaz your ad spots won’t be drowning in a flurry of competing ads, which push listeners to change channels. Limiting total ad spots to under 5 minutes per hour your ad spot will shine in between our unique library of riveting folk music and hyper-local talk radio that does not find a match on any other channel.

Our Ad rates:

Our ad rates are the government-set Rs 4 per second or Rs 40 for a 10-second spot. For our special campaign rates, please get in touch with us

Call us now, our listeners are waiting to hear about your product.

This document was last updated on September 11, 2020
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