The Gender Campaign

Gender is a cross-cutting lens for all our programs. Questioning gender stereotypes and highlighting gender-positive narratives is our focus

Gender is a cross-cutting lens for all of Gurgaon Ki Awaaz’s programming, be it our programs on livelihood, legal literacy, health or even entertainment. We ensure that our programs question gender stereotypes, highlight gender-based discrimination and violence, and posit instead a gender-positive narrative across our 22x7 programming.

On radio, our gender-specific programming includes:

Apni Saheli Hoon Main: Stories of courage of women who have overcome enormous challenges to build their lives

Bavra Mausam: Our adolescent-focussed series has had an entire season devoted on gender-based violence

Dastak: Our off-radio, on-ground initiative in partnership with Asmita Theatre Group and supported by CREA reached over 50,000 high school students in all 35 government-run high school and senior secondary schools in Gurugram Block in Gurugram District in Haryana, India. The performance of the hard-hitting street play “Dastak” (Knock) on the issue of gender-based violence was accompanied by a round of discussions with students while also connecting them to the program Bavra Mausam that had a psychologist coming into the studio each week.

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Dastak: A campaign against gender-based violence

The problem: Gender-based violence targets 50 per cent of our society and holds back women from truly achieving their full potential. Be it a baby girl denied the right to be born, or a young girl denied schooling so that she can work at home, or a woman married off early, raped by her husband, or assaulted, taunted and teased in public. Haryana, one of the most developed states of our country, has earned the dubious distinction of a carefully fortressed patriarchal and feudal society where gender discrimination and inequality are the norms.
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March 25, 2020 | 807 words | #gender,

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