Udaan, is a weekly Live Phone-In show in partnership with counselor Satish Kaushik which focuses on mental health issues among our audience. The program features Mr Kaushik and a counselor taking on a range of issues each week.

The program airs every Monday at 10.30 am. Phone lines are open.

Udaan: The Covid response supported by Samit Enterprises

As a key part of our Covid-19 campaign, Udaan now airs every Monday and Thursday at 1.30 pm during which phone lines are open and counselors Satish Kaushik and Dr Pinky Goswami help listeners with advice and coping strategies for the stresses caused by the extended Covid-19 lockdown. Most of our listeners are migrants, who are separated from their families, in danger of losing their jobs, and often even struggling to find access to food distribution points. In addition to connecting them with helplines and groups distributing food and other essentials, we believe that having a trained mental health professional talk to them can calm their fears and help them deal with the lockdown with less panic.

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