Over 60 per cent of Gurgaon Ki Awaaz’s listeners are drivers. They make for a dedicated audience. Most have an FM in their car, they don’t really step away from their vehicle, and the radio is a great way for them to be entertained and informed as they go about their work of picking and dropping people.

Some drivers even have lunch together in groups, with Gurgaon Ki Awaaz playing on the radio.

Given such a niche and dedicated audience, since inception we have had a special program dedicated to the stories of drivers, how they became one, what their lives are like, and what are the main issues they face in their work.

The program has highlighted several issues of safety and work conditions of drivers, which we have been able to amplify to large corporates whose companies often have drivers in large numbers.

This document was last updated on March 26, 2020
It was first published on March 25, 2020 . Filed under: #programs, #employment

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