Gurgaon Ki Awaaz

A non-profit radio broadcasting 22 hours a day, 365 days a year to over 500,000 listeners in Gurugram, Haryana. Listen via 107.8 FM in Gurgaon or online via apps.

A critical information and communication bridge in the community using participatory radio. Linking residents to local administration, doctors, lawyers, counsellors, and to each other.

The Covid-19 Campaign: In close collaboration with the Civil Defence team Gurugram District we bring you latest Gurgaon-specific updates on tackling the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Community radios are best run when supported and run by the community. And that means you. It’s as easy as sending us your support via our UPI ID: gkaradio@sbi and 9999895522. A cup of tea’s worth of support a day can expand our work.

Featured Campaigns & Programs

World TB Day - March 24

March 24 is World Tuberculosis Day. On this occasion Gurgaon Ki Awaaz Community Radio broadcast a special talk show with India’s top doctors for TB and other infectious diseases. In the show doctors explain the difference between Latent and Active TB, the challenges in testing and diagnosis, the importance of completing the treatment regimen, the role of nutrition in preventing active TB, and the need for a vaccine to reduce the TB burden in India.
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Aakhir Kab Tak

Saumya Baijal and Sharmila Aakhir Kab Tak is a show on Rape Culture. And how we as Indians propagate that culture every day. Our anger now stems from the brutality of the rape in question, because rape itself, is now normalised. This show questions that normalcy and breaks down everything that contributes to it- from language, to ideas of consent, popular culture, authority, agency of the woman, and deep rooted patriarchy.
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Family Time

Since 2017, former bureaucrat, and now counselor Anupma Chandra, anchors a weekly live show using a story format to talk about relationships and key social issues. The program Family Time, is a favourite among listeners who can listen to the ups and downs of the characters’ lives and also call in with their own reactions and questions.
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Chahat Chowk

Our program Chahat Chowk is the only live, phone-in radio program focussing on sexual and reproductive health currently on air, whether in public, private or community radio In 2013, under a partnership with Commonwealth Of Learning, Gurgaon Ki Awaaz launched a health series built as a Community Learning Program. The result, Chahat Chowk, is a weekly program focused on the sexual and reproductive health of couples. Produced along with stakeholders such as Civil Hospital, Gurgaon, St.
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Swasth Gurgaon

Swasth Gurgaon was launched in partnership with St Stephens Hospital, Gurugram as a weekly health program designed as a conversation with doctors across specialties. The program continues as a regular weekly program with doctors from both the public and private hospitals network and bring to our listeners answers to some of the most fundamental questions that affect our health. A Campaign Organ Donation with Parashar Foundation Gurgaon Ki Awaaz started a partnership in 2019 with ORGAN India/Parashar Foundation, for a campaign on organ donation awareness with a radio show on Organ, Tissue & Body Donation via the programme “Jeevan – Ek Anmol Uphaar.
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The Mental Health Campaign

We use radio to address the silence and stigma surrounding mental health issues. Given the stigma to speak about mental health, and to reach out to professionals for help, the privacy and anonymity of radio allows our listeners to call in and talk to psychologists in our studio during live phone-in programs every week. Udaan, is a weekly Live Phone-In show in partnership with counselor Satish Kaushik and a host of psychologists.
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Gurgaon Ki Awaaz is a non-profit, listener-supported community radio station.
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Gurgaon Ki Awaaz is the only civil society-run community radio in NCR. Broadcasting on 107.8 FM and streaming online.

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