GKA Campaigns

Our radio campaigns tackle some of the burning issues in our community

Gurgaon Ki Awaaz takes up some of the most burning issues in our community and design radio campaigns around them.

In contrast to programs, which can be a part of a campaign, a campaign is sustained, collaborative, with detailed formative research, and participatory.

Our on-going campaign is the Covid-19 Campaign to ensure that verified, actionable, hyper-local information on Covid-19, Coronavirus, the arrangements being made by the Gurugram district administration, the restrictions to movements, the availability of essential commodities, and access to doctors and hospitals, is made available on a daily basis to our listeners.

Other campaigns include:

Emergency Response: The Covid-19 Campaign

The role of community radio stations during disasters is well documented, be it earthquakes, floods or tsunamis. In 2020, Gurgaon Ki Awaaz has got to test its mettle during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Collaborating closely with the District Administration of Gurugram, through the Civil Defence team working directly under the Deputy Commissioner of Gurugram, Gurgaon Ki Awaaz is broadcasting the latest updates, health advisories and notifications, as well as lists of important helpline numbers every day.
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Health has been at the centre of Gurgaon Ki Awaaz’s broadcast since inception. Our first partners in the area health were St Stephen’s Hospital rural outreach program in village Dhankot. Collaborating right from set-up in 2009, we trained a health worker in radio production and broadcasting, and produced a series of programs on health, especially maternal and child health. Over nearly 11 years of broadcasting we have tackled various health issues, but the most satisfying have been the ones where the anonymity of radio has encouraged listeners to join the conversation, or where we have got tangible feedback of behaviour change.
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Sexual and Reproductive Health

In 2013, under a partnership with Commonwealth Of Learning, Gurgaon Ki Awaaz launched a health series built as a Community Learning Program. The result, Chahat Chowk (Crossroads of Desire), is a weekly program focused on the sexual and reproductive health of couples. Produced along with stakeholders such as Civil Hospital, Gurgaon, St. Stephens Hospital, Gurgaon, community men and women, and partner NGOs, the program features a doctor in the studio to answer questions from listeners in a Live program format.
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The Gender Campaign

Gender is a cross-cutting lens for all of Gurgaon Ki Awaaz’s programming, be it our programs on livelihood, legal literacy, health or even entertainment. We ensure that our programs question gender stereotypes, highlight gender-based discrimination and violence, and posit instead a gender-positive narrative across our 22x7 programming. On radio, our gender-specific programming includes: Apni Saheli Hoon Main: Stories of courage of women who have overcome enormous challenges to build their lives
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The Mental Health Campaign

We use radio to address the silence and stigma surrounding mental health issues. Given the stigma to speak about mental health, and to reach out to professionals for help, the privacy and anonymity of radio allows our listeners to call in and talk to psychologists in our studio during live phone-in programs every week. Udaan, is a weekly Live Phone-In show in partnership with counselor Satish Kaushik and a host of psychologists.
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The Migration Campaign

Migrants are one of our key target audience since inception. Issues of migration and building a positive narrative around rural-to-urban migration is important to us. Our programs on migration are focussed on building conversations that encourage communities to be supportive of each other, and accepting of each other’s cultural practices. Through our program series Saara Aasmaan Hamara (The Sky Is Ours Too) we feature first person narratives by people from our community telling their journey from their village to Gurgaon and their experiences along the way.
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