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Jeevan Ek Anmol Uphaar

Jeevan Ek Anmol Uphaar is a weekly radio program to promote organ donation in India. The program, broacast in partnership with Parashar Foundation, is on air every Thursday at 6 pm with repeat broadcasts on Thursday at 11 pm and on Saturday at 8 am. Organ India and Parashar Foundation The goal of the show is to sensitize lakhs of people on the concept of organ donation so that many lives can be saved.
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September 9, 2021 | 268 words | , #organ donation, #parashar foundation, #gurgaon, #organ india

Swasth Gurgaon

Swasth Gurgaon was launched in partnership with St Stephens Hospital, Gurugram as a weekly health program designed as a conversation with doctors across specialties. The program continues as a regular weekly program with doctors from both the public and private hospitals network and bring to our listeners answers to some of the most fundamental questions that affect our health. A Campaign Organ Donation with Parashar Foundation Gurgaon Ki Awaaz started a partnership in 2019 with ORGAN India/Parashar Foundation, for a campaign on organ donation awareness with a radio show on Organ, Tissue & Body Donation via the programme “Jeevan – Ek Anmol Uphaar.
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March 25, 2020 | 178 words | #health, #partnerships, #mental health, #featured, #organ donation, #parashar foundation

Gurgaon Ki Awaaz is the only civil society-run community radio in NCR. Broadcasting on 107.8 FM and streaming online.

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