Suraksha Ki Kaksha Divya Didi Ke Saath is a radio series on child safety.

The focus is on educating children about their rights, making them aware about their agency, empowering them to trust their inner voices. After setting the tone, Divya introduces them to the concept of safety, fear, safe spaces within our homes, our communities. The idea is that after a couple of sessions, children will start sharing their concerns.

What do you understand about safety?

When do you feel most happy? Safe?

What is illness? What is corona virus?

What is fear? Do you fear a lizard? Or a dog? Or thunderstorm?

Who helps you when you fear something? Do you talk to your siblings? Or mother?

Who is your friend where you live? Do you play with your friends? Your favourite games?

Do you like your friends?

Is there some friend who makes you uncomfortable? Awkward? Unhappy? Sad? Do you talk to someone when that happens?

Is there an adult who makes you feel these feelings? You could talk to me when you feel unsafe.( This will of course be little later, 2nd or 3rd episode)

When do you feel unsafe (unhappy, or sad) in your own home?

How can a child feel safe? What would you do when you hear of a child being beaten up or threatened to do something he/she is not comfortable about.

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