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Apna Nazariya Apna Kaam

Entrepreneurship is a part of our larger focus on livelihood, which is also a key focus area of our parent NGO The Restoring Force. Our program series Apna Nazariya Apna Kaam started as an in-depth interview with the owners of a range of small businesses, most with an initial investment of under Rupees five thousand. Businesses range from a roadside snacks kiosk, too entrepreneurs ranging from a snacks kiosk owner to a cotton mattress making unit to a fruit juice stand.
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Bavra Mausam

Bavra Mausam is our weekly program on adolescent emotional health issues produced with support from CREA. It was born as a spin-off from Chahat Chowk, our weekly sexual and reproductive health show. Parents were keen on us producing a separate series for their children. However, during formative research with youngsters, it emerged that they would much rather talk about all the emotional churn they are going through, from falling in love, to self esteem, to peer pressure to managing conversations with parents.
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March 25, 2020 | 121 words | #programs, #employment

Career Express

In 2014, we partnered with the NGO Agrasar to start our career readiness program called “Career Express” which outlines various career options in great detail with experts drawn from the local community and educational institutions such ITI, the government college etc. The live program features experts such as HR professionals talking about how to prepare for a job interview, or PF officials explaining how to access provident fund benefits, or ESI officials explaining the rights to health services under the Employees State Insurance Scheme and how to access them.
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March 25, 2020 | 111 words | #programs, #employment

Family Time

Since 2017, former bureaucrat, and now counselor Anupma Chandra, anchors a weekly live show using a story format to talk about relationships and key social issues. The program Family Time, is a favourite among listeners who can listen to the ups and downs of the characters’ lives and also call in with their own reactions and questions.
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Music is the key to building an engaging radio station. The music on Gurgaon Ki Awaaz is its identity. A unique identity, that doesn’t let the station be confused with any of the 11 other FM stations broadcasting in Delhi-NCR. When listeners tune in, they invariably listen to folk music – Haryanvi raginis being sung by local mandalis, folk music in Bhojpuri, Maithili, Garhwali, Kumaoni, Rajasthani and many dialects, bhajans by village women and songs by schoolchildren.
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Gurgaon Ke Haal

Traffic jams, broken pipes, ongoing construction of a bridge, the announcement of a new government scheme, arrangements for an upcoming festival…all these find space in our daily morning broadcast Gurgaon Ke Haal (loosely translated as “How is Gurgaon?") Drawn from the city sections of Hindi newspapers, press releases from the district administration, and call-ins from listeners, many of whom are drivers and are aware of the traffic scene on the roads, Gurgaon Ke Haal is a live phone-in show with radio reporters reading out the main stories of the day, announcements, and also enabling listeners to call in with their own updates.
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Gurgaon Live

Gurgaon Live in our daily live phone-in show in which we pick up a range of issues to open a conversation among our listeners. Very often the topic is suggested by listeners. It could be as serious as discrimination against woman at home or as light as memories of the early days of television when everyone in a locality huddled into the home of the one person who owned one.
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Kahani Ki Gathariya

The art of storytelling never loses its power to hold an audience captive. Good stories, compelling stories, draw audiences into narratives of love, power, anger, joy, kinship, loyalty, and much more. Kahani Ki Gathariya was started as an experiment in storytelling, and almost immediately grew into one of the most popular programs in our schedule. The thrice-a-week program (Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 am) consists of a story (recorded or read live) followed by a session of live telephony with listeners enthusiastically answering questions about the story, giving feedback, and generally participating as if they are collected around a campfire.
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Chahat Chowk

Our program Chahat Chowk is the only live, phone-in radio program focussing on sexual and reproductive health currently on air, whether in public, private or community radio In 2013, under a partnership with Commonwealth Of Learning, Gurgaon Ki Awaaz launched a health series built as a Community Learning Program. The result, Chahat Chowk, is a weekly program focused on the sexual and reproductive health of couples. Produced along with stakeholders such as Civil Hospital, Gurgaon, St.
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Kanoon Ki Baat

Image caption here Gurgaon Ki Baat was one of the first radio stations to partner with Haryana Legal Services Authority (HALSA) under the Punjab and Haryana High Court, to launch a regular legal literacy program called Kanoon Ki Baat. The program features lawyers deputed by the Chief Judicial Magistrate cum Secretary District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) to go on air for a 30 to 45-minute live phone-in program on specific issues in law.
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